We offer a wide selection of 100 percent flax/cotton fabrics. Fabric weight ranges from 80 to 500g/m2.
We offer fabrics that are dyed, prepared for dyeing, natural, or processed in other ways. Our fabrics are widely used for clothing manufacture, bedding, and household textiles as well as in the furniture industry.

We offer the following fabrics:
         Prepared for dyeing (PFD)
         Semi-flax (flax with cotton)
         Dyed yarn fabrics
         Jacquard fabrics
         Dyed fabrics
         Technical fabrics

Most of the fabrics are stored in our warehouse in Vilnius, so we can deliver in both large and small quantities.

Fabrics prepared for painting
We can offer a wide range of fabrics prepared for dyeing:

Natural fabrics
A wide range of natural and semi
-natural fabrics:

Semi-flax fabrics
We have a wide range of combined fabrics (flax/cotton):

Flax fibre
We offer a large variety of flax fibre types from Eastern Europe, Western Europe and North Africa. We collaborate closely with several cottonizing factories so we can offer high quality cottonized flax fibre.
Short flax fibre   No. 2 - No. 6

Long flax fibre No. 8 - No. 16
Cottonized flax fibre 1.5 - 2.5 cm

We can offer dry spinning yarns from Nm 2 to Nm 8 and wet spinning yarns from Nm 9 to Nm 41.7. We also have combined yarns with cotton and polyester.